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Kimberly-Clark ICON™ Series Dispenser

The ICON™ dispenser’s form and aesthetic design was informed by extensive visual research into interior trends. It emphasizes harmony and flexibility. Many existing dispensers were designed in isolation with a focus on basic functionality. They’re often designed without consideration or respect for the environments in which they’re placed. This ultimately has a negative impact on the perception of the product and the experience of using it.

The user experience was a high priority for this development effort from the very beginning. In the past, development was object-centric and focused on protecting the paper products. Now, new product development focuses on people. Washroom users are rewarded with a highly intuitive, delightful, frustration-free user experience that never embarrasses with unnecessary hand waving, waiting, or being left without towels, soap, or toilet paper.

The ICON™ dispenser was designed with timeless simplicity in mind. It is in harmony with today’s interiors and can easily adapt to changing trends and tastes to remain relevant. ICON™ dispensers are carefully crafted to complement spaces without attempting to serve as the focal point or star of the show; they are designed to fit in and also stand out.

The system is intended to change and grow over time. In addition to curated CMF options, customers can upload bespoke imagery to create unique dispensers that match any environment and capture any personal or brand expression.

ICON dispensers upset the status quo in a mature category and elevate every aspect of what many consider a mundane, commodity.

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