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Squish Housewares

Client: Robinson Home Products

“Squish” is a housewares brand we developed from scratch for our long-time client, Robinson Home Products. The line is based around a core group of space-saving collapsible items.

Prime Studio was responsible for all stages of the development of the line. We initially conducted research into competitive products and identified the areas of opportunity in the market. Next we developed the overall brand personality by means of mood boards and color palettes before moving into the product design and development. We also generated the name for the brand and the logo design.

Finally we developed the packaging design and produced all of the marketing materials for the launch of the line.

The project has been recognized with a 2012 Good Design award and a 2012 American Graphic Design award.

For more information visit the case study on our website.


Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award 2012, GDUSA American Graphic Design Award 2012


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