About Us

COMMONstudio develops and deploys creative responses to the diverse challenges of today.

What we Do:
Drawing on a range of disciplines and perspectives, we work directly with clients and communities to define and assess challenges, identify opportunities, and co-develop unique and actionable design responses to those challenges.

How we do it:
Our work is human-centered, reflexive and action-based. We know that the most effective design strategies grow from a critical understanding of context and a desire to do more with less to achieve real and sustained impact.

COMMONstudio is currently focused on a series of projects addressing issues of Adaptive Reuse, Alternative Education, Social Enterprise, and Urban Ecology.



  • Strategic Consulting

Typical Project Budget

$10,000 - $25,000

Location 1

3774 Selby Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90034
United States


Daniel Phillips
phone: 424.209.2650
fax: 310.997.3548
Website: COMMONstudio Website

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