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Discover And Revision Vending Machines

Client: Vendor's Exchange Global Vending

We were approached by Vendor's Exchange Global Vending with the task of designing and prototyping their new Discover and Revision vending machine doors. By replacing older vending machine doors, new technologies can be integrated to improve the user experience and increase the product’s lifespan. We had to have the final deliverables finished, from start to finish, within two months for a major industry trade show.

Despite severe time limitations, we focused a massive effort on the initial design phase, going through over a hundred design iterations and fleshing out multiple finished concept renders so that the client could choose the final direction. The final designs were boundary-pushing, taking advantage of some distinct, innovative ideas and solutions that have never before been done in a sheet metal vending machine. Soft light, curved surfaces, unique graphics, a kickplate - everything works together to reinforce the new technology incorporated within the vending machine.

The Discover and Revision vending machines garnered a lot of attention at the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) trade show in Las Vegas with the industry recognizing the design as a market leader, advancing the forefront with styling, function, and implementation of technology.


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