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Versajet II

Client: Smith & Nephew

One of the projects completed during our long-running relationship with Smith & Nephew was the design and engineering of the Versajet II Hydrosurgery System.

Smith & Nephew had recently acquired the Versajet product and quickly ran into a number of issues relating to ergonomics, use case, and engineering. As such, we got right to work conducting user studies to better understand the in-use failures and errors that were being encountered. By compiling this data, our design team was able to create a number of innovative solutions that led to a more user-friendly and better-performing device.

Working in tandem, our design and engineering teams developed concepts to improve on the setup of the product, the way it communicates to the user, and the level of safety for the patient. In addition, we were able to drastically reduce disposable costs as well.

The key innovations to this device include relocation of the reciprocating pump, the addition of a lit ring on the dome, and the creation of a multi-directional key for the disposable kit.

The final system engineering was conducted to lay out all parts and components. Further considerations were made to meet FDA regulations for EMI/RFI within an operating room.

This project continues to be the market leader in promoting healing in patients with soft tissue damage.


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