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Connected Pet Crate

Client: Collins Aerospace

Connected Pet Crate developed for Collins Aerospace recently won gold place in the IDA design awards in the Flora and fauna / Pet accessories category! It was also selected as a finalist in the IDEA awards.

Over the years, pet air travel demand has increased so as the death and injury due to the harsh condition and mishandling. This new crate design is aimed to improve the safety, security, and well-being of a pet travelling in air to bring peace of mind to the pet owner and improved handling operations for the airline. By combining the latest sensor technology and wireless connectivity provides pet owners with transparency; interacting with pets remotely creating more comfortable environment for pets, monitoring environment hazard, informing owner and airline for mishandling, and alerting ground crews for any hazardous situation so they can react promptly before it gets threat for pet well being. It also benefits airlines to provide the best care and a unique amenity to enter into a large and burgeoning market.


IDEA Finalist 2019, IDA Gold Place - Flora & Fauna Pet Accessories Category 2019

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