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Cliffset: A Case For Clean Eating

Client: Cliffset

A case for clean eating.

Eating with flimsy, disposable plastic cutlery isn’t much fun for you—or the planet. In fact, plastic utensils are some of the most common bits of trash littering the world’s beaches, and among the biggest threats to the delicate eco-systems found in oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.

And while Cliffset isn’t the only eco-friendly option out there, just try getting dried-up guacamole off your bamboo fork without access to water, soap, and a brush.

We designed Cliffset's custom-contoured cleaning tool to feel like it’s made for the cutlery—because it is. The tool’s 3 ridges are designed to fit right between the fork prongs to “floss” out every last bit of food, while the curved tip and flat profile edge are perfect for scraping the spoon and knife blade respectively. The refillable spray bottle uses alcohol and lemon oil to clean and disinfect anywhere. No rinse, no residue, no waste.


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