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4TH BIN Branding, Website and Digital Marketing

Client: 4TH BIN

4THBIN works with companies and organizations to safely and responsibly recycle computer and electronic equipment. With a proven track record as a successful partner providing e-cycling and other e-management services, it was time to take their business to the next level and evolve beyond e-cycling into a full-service e-management solutions company.

We worked with 4THBIN to create a branding and marketing strategy and updated the brand positioning, communication touch points, key messaging and visual vocabulary to achieve their business goals. The brand strategy focused on creating a distinctive, friendly, and approachable personality. We developed the 4THBIN Full Cycle concepts to communicate their unique approach of focusing on the 4 stages of the IT lifecycle, integrating their full suite of services offerings.

The project included company identity/logo development, brand and mission statement, brand visuals, story, and voice, responsive website design and development and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to assist in building brand awareness, generating sales leads, driving traffic to the website, improving organic search engine rankings and pay-per-click Google Adwords campaigns.


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