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Total product design solutions from initial concepts to end consumer.

Design & Product offer you solutions every step of the way. Our design and engineering team can unlock your problems and deliver designs ready for your markets.

Project diversity is central to our service. Which means we bring a wide range of experience to the table;

Everything from Formula 1 replicas to MRI scanners, guitar amps, consumer goods and electric bikes – our speciality is providing compelling solutions not servicing a single sector.

We help you to innovate and develop by bringing your ideas to life.

Most importantly, our focus remains clearly on your commercial targets and our designs are grounded in an understanding of manufacturing reality.

If you need designs that work for you in production, on the shelf and on your balance sheet, then talk to us. We can make it happen for you.


  • Paxton Access
  • Mainline UK
  • Kaycee Veterinary
  • Moba
  • Many More....

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