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OUR MISSION | At Bright Common we are designers engaged in a radical (re)construction of the built environment. We are finding our way forward towards older truths, casting about for those ever present patterns that reveal the way. Through responsive simplicity, pattern recognition, and resistance we undertake bioregional specific place-making conducive to a thriving planet and its entire people.

OUR HISTORY | Bright Common has a storied history: It lived its first life as a design-build practice, founded by Jeremy Avellino, in the early 2000’s. Four years of incubation later Bright Common was born anew as a sustainable architecture practice and has been helping to form a deep green culture ever since. Since its rebirth, Bright Common has grown threefold and focused on Passive House principles to expand its capacity to deliver thoughtfully executed projects. We believe in the gift of design we share with only a few other fellow animals. Although its power hasn’t always been used to the best ends, we take our local and global responsibility seriously enough to design for the good, for the bright, for the common. We arrived at this moment from varied histories. We move forward with our allies in re-forming what we’ve been given into places better for those yet to come.

OUR PROCESS | Through an iterative process we work with allies (clients, makers, consultants, etc.) to provide design solutions tailored to each project, site and community. As we are whole organic beings we practice an holistic organic design. By rejecting a strict adherence to style, we are freed to play fruitfully across many typologies: new, reuse, urban, suburban, rural, housing, artisan industrial, cultural, culinary, symbolic, interiors, natural, passive, mixed use, non-profit, affordable, research...... The thread that binds the narrative together is a relentless pursuit towards a regenerative built environment.


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Bright Common


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$100,000 - $500,000

Bright Common

1417 N. 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
United States


Jeremy Avellino
phone: 215-423-4455
fax: 215-423-4455

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