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Findaway | Playaway Light

Client: Findaway

More Than a Redesign, a Redefine

Findaway World reached out to Balance to help develop the next generation of its flagship product, dubbed the Playaway Light.

Balance decided that a simple refresh wasn’t the answer. The core experience needed to be revisited and redefined. Findaway had gathered plenty of feedback from passionate and casual users alike, and this data served as the foundation for the redesign of the product and the experience around it.

The screen has been enlarged over three times the size of the screen on the first generation product, yet the interface has remained very simple and understandable. The interface was planned to be as uncluttered as possible to aid in readability. Large, familiar icons were used with minimal text, mirroring the experience of using the buttons.

Ultimately, because the physical product and the interface were produced in parallel, they mimic and support each other in as many ways as possible. This would be extremely hard to reproduce if the concepts for the physical player and the interface were not produced in tandem.

The resulting Playaway Light redefines the audiobook experience with a much friendlier, intuitive design.

Team Members

Gabe Puerto, Mike Tracz


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