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Juice® Modular Power System

Client: Bretford®

Challenge - After completing an extensive STREAM Research® campaign to identify insight and unmet needs in learning environments, the team was tasked on building the first element of a ground breaking power system that would promote flexibility to reconfigure spaces and furniture while being primed for advancements in future power standards that address the rapidly evolving digital landscape in education.

Results - Juice® features a truly modular power system that delivers on the promise of rapid reconfiguration, upgradeablity and flexibility needed in learning environments. Additionally the team created the first of its kind 120V magnetic HERM connector that allows "pull and place" connectivity for all furniture solutions eliminating wrestling with finicky latches or locks and supplying daisy-chained power across a universal platform. Juice is the catalyst for accelerating the convergences of the physical space and digital technology.

With it's unmatched flexibility in orientation, the Juice power system can be easily serviced or upgraded with its innovative hot-swappable compact 120V or 12W SLEDS. Each SLED can be embedded with the various power interfaces including future impending standards such as USB 3.0 ensuring adaptability across applications transforming space layout and utilization.

Heavy-duty constructed housing parts featuring high impact polymers materials and stainless steel metal internal structures ensure Juice will meet the daily challenges typically found in demanding learning environments and stand the test of time.

Services - Stream Research, Material Science, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Prototyping, Sourcing, Manufacturing Liaison, Compliance

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