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MAXIMALdesign is a creative, multi-disciplinary design agency. We offer both strategic as well as design services including: product & innovation strategy (Fuzzy Front-End), new products & services development, brand strategy and identity, communication design, engineering and production planning. We summarize it as STRATEGIC CREATIVITY...

At MAXIMALdesign we believe that the interaction of a consumer with a product or service is the heart of the brand delivery. The bond between consumers and a brand is initiated by an exciting product or a compelling user experience. New product development has to be customer value-driven, not price- or technology-driven. If a product does not connect with the values of a consumer, it will fail. CONNECT PEOPLE WITH BRANDS THROUGH DESIGN OF PRODUCTS AND SPACES, SERVICES AND IDENTITY...

To guarantee the highest potential of success we offer both strategic and design services with a methodological way of working.

We are a creative team of designers and strategists with over 20 years of experience in building brands, industrial design and new product development. We see it as our biggest challenge to bridge the gap between business needs and emotional desires of consumers in order to create value for both customers and our clients. This way we create ROI: RETURN ON INNOVATION...

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