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Welcome to Ambient Project:

Ambient Project are a full service Internet and multimedia design and development agency. Specialising in successfully establishing brands online.

From consultation to development, our expertise in brand awareness, strategy development, management and integration ensure that we provide results driven, bespoke quality solutions that exceed expectations.

Our core values; What do we stand for:

1. Excellence

Excellence refers to the quality of the products and services offered by Ambient Project. By providing a personal touch and continued availability to our clients adds value to our client relationships, and by providing quality websites with our personal service we add value to your business.

2. Innovation

Ambient Project brings fresh ideas to the table. Embracing the latest developments in website features and functions, and following the opportunities created through well considered Social Networking allows us, and you, to excel on-line.

3. Integrity

Building trust and relationships is key to our success. From the initial Blank Page, through the creative process, in our product delivery and beyond, at Ambient Project we are dedicated to "work with you, not for you" in creating a site that maximizes your on-line potential.

4. Impecable execution

We pride ourselves in our to execute our plans within an agreed timeframe, which is very important to your success. To provide a truly great product our timing of delivery is an essential factor in our quality of service.

5. Our position in the market

At Ambient Project we occupy a unique space in the market. Our excellence, innovation, integrity, and impecable execution enables us to provide attention to detail and commitment to your business that results in a superior product with a flexible service that rigid Template Companies are unable to deliver.

Plus more leading edge creative and functional features and attention to detail than the products and services offered by competitor web development organisations.


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