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When we started lackner//buckingham llc we realized that the delivery of visual content was diverging. It was clear the web was no longer the only delivery channel for online content, and that the web as we know it is dramatically changing -- in a good way. We also realized that each delivery channel -- tablet, hand-held or desktop -- has it's place, and we see a day when the lines will be completely blurred. In the meantime we recognize our clients needs to deliver their content via these various devices in a meaningful and unique way. Included in every project is our divergent custom solution for each platform -- web, tablet, mobile, and desktop. We don't use monotonous, common, templates or 3rd party platforms to deliver. We have our own proprietary solution that is infinitely flexible for our clients specific content display needs. We also feel it is critical to this divergence to have the ability to deliver native applications in iOS and Android specific systems. The end result is that every project we do is handcrafted by us, we have complete quality control. We know of no other company that delivers this level of artistic craftsmanship in this market sector. Our end goal is to deliver the highest quality content across the greatest amount of delivery channels, in the most efficient manner in order to best serve our clients branding needs.


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