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Virtual Store Simulation Strategy

Client: Consumer Goods Company

Consumer goods manufacturers face intense pressure to increase sales, act as an advisers to retailers—and not to forget—make clear and compelling offers that delight shoppers. Kaleidoscope invented the store capture system that set the visualization strategy and helps our CPG partner win at retail by:

- Providing a clear shelf vision that the team can build consensus around before a major investment
- Supporting shelf optimization to maximize the shopper experience and sales results
- Enhancing their ability to lead the retail strategy in real time

These virtual store simulations help set the global retail visualization strategy for our CPG partner.


Our partner enjoys a leading position in influencing retail stores on category vision. However, they needed a more efficient and cutting-edge way to illustrate how different point-of-sale strategies will increase sales. Creating physical shelf mock ups was unrealistic, expensive and required extensive amounts of time.


Kaleidoscope invented the store capture system to create stunning 3D environments to assist our CPG manufacturing partners in evaluating point-of-sale options. These quick-turn virtual store simulations provide real-time ability to:

- Make smarter spend decisions
- Evaluate in-store marketing, packaging and store designs
- Conduct virtual shopper research studies to gain insights
- Better assess how changes will impact sales
- Drive better adoption with key retailers
- Determine optimal product assortments and adjacencies
- Optimize space planning strategies to benefit the customer experience
- Save money by eliminating geographical and physical packaging constraints


“Kaleidoscope helped create the future of retail visualization with virtual store simulation.”

The tool supports a myriad of ways of experiencing it from an iPad to a completely immersive experience.


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