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RING Video doorbell packaging

Amazon acquired video doorbell company RING for $1 Billion in 2018. We designed their packaging in 2014 when they were still a startup. Nice to see them grow and being successful. it proves that good design pays off.

Thanks to the “RING” video doorbell you can answer your doorbell with your smart phone. “Ring” is among the first wave of smart home products to hit store shelves. The newness of the category creates unique packaging challenges and opportunities. Therefore the initial pitch to target audiences is the package. As such, the design requires quick educational communication at the point of sale.
The “Ring” packaging does just that. It introduces a new product type, invites customers to actually press and ring the doorbell, explains the method of installation with simple direct graphics and establishes a friendly relationship.
The package is composed of clear recyclable plastic with an inviting rounded rectangular form. This is set over simple, iconic graphics on attention getting blue background to support and display the actual product. The product stands proud and is visible from a wide viewing angle. A package opening, in-line with the ring button, invites shoppers to press it and try out the “ring” as if it were on a door. This friendly interactive engagement welcomes the customer to “ring” physically, visually and audibly. Ideally, it helps them open the door to purchase.
Solving the package challenge to this “smart product” went beyond the “Ring” itself. Included in the package are all the tools necessary for installation such as screw driver, level, drill bits, caulking, screws, anchors and USB cord. Organizing these in a manner supporting installation, potential maintenance and relocation needs required more than dropping them into a box. A roll-up tool pouch with labeled pouches hold and identify each item organizing them for use and securely storing them with a integral elastic band latch was designed. In essence the tool wrap is a packa

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