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Your company will benefit tremendously by taking advantage of the services that Cline&Co offers. Cline&Co Design has been developing engaging advertising content for over a decade. We take care of developing everything from the initial concept to the execution of illustration or photography. Utilizing our studio as a contact will maximize the amount of work that can be completed under one roof. Being the owner and operator of Cline&Co Design, I personally guarantee that every project we develop is of the highest quality possible.

Through the years, We have been involved in every aspect of the design and photography process. I have helped many companies grow whether they were in their first month of business or 20th year of business. We can can give you the range of resources you need to make each and every project a great success. We understand how busy day-to-day business is, that is why we do everything in our power to make our client’s life easier by doing what we do best.

Thank you for considering Cline&Co Design
Roger Cline | Principal


Creating an engaging identity to your target market requires both excellence in design and resilient market planning. Design of all advertising, packaging and collateral must be devised to communicate your brand’s identity. A captivating identity of your company is developed through careful attention to design and a market plan. Harmony is then achieved when a consistent style is carried through the development of all marketing materials.


The definition of advertising and design has evolved greatly over the past years. The development of traditional advertising and web design now only scratches the surface in the potential communication with target markets. While maintaining the knowledge gained through tradition and by developing creative strategies using social and media online networks as a medium, we can help your company reach consumers in their personal and professional environments.




  • Graphic Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Branding

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1700 Tribute Road
Sacramento, CA 95815
United States


Roger Cline
phone: 530-392-3345
Website: Cline&Co Design Portfolio

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