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Verathon BladderScan

Client: Verathon

Verathon is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of medical devices. They provide reliable healthcare solutions that help providers in more than 60 countries and regions, delivering a higher standard of clinical and economic utility for those they serve. The Verathon BladderScan is a portable 3D ultrasound scanner that measures and analyzes bladder volume. It assists medical professionals in caring for postoperative patients and preventing unnecessary catheterization.

Verathon partnered with Tactile to help modernize the BladderScan form without compromising the product architecture and features by keeping the end user in mind throughout the design process. In order to update the way the device is used, we needed to understand the changing landscape of who uses it and the variety of patients. We met with a consulting doctor and reviewed actual use-case scenarios for the technicians who would use the device every day. Through observational research and interviews, we came away with a list of questions and set to work on the solutions. We made significant changes, such as updating the screen from a push button/soft key interface to a touchscreen.

Environmental factors always play a big role in the design and use of a device. The varied ways technicians used the scanner informed the simplicity of the UI and focus of the image on the bladder. Throughout the process, Verathon conducted user testing. During the refinement phase, we incorporated actual use-case responses into the final design. The feedback we received led to improvements in the cart tray layout, the ergonomics of the scanner, and the hierarchy of information on the screen.


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