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O'Brien & Associates Design, Inc is led by Margaret O'Brien, an award-winning, Los Angeles-based interior designer. O’Brien is one of today’s most sought-after tastemakers. Her gorgeous interiors have captivated the design community and are regularly featured in national and international design book and magazine publications including Interior Design, Hospitality Design, Contract, Nikei Store Design, Wind World Interior Design, Bar Excellence, Bar & Nightclub Design, and many others.

O’Brien combines multi-cultural influences with a modern sensibility, resulting in a fearless, iconic style – timeless and glamorous, yet warm and comfortable with a keen sense of fashion. A rare ability to combine bold patterns as well as disparate materials and finishes with an impeccable panache has established her immediately recognizable trademark in the world of interior design. Her process begins, first and foremost, with a reverence for and intuitive responsiveness to architecture, as she synthesizes and nurtures each design element to its natural, seemingly inevitable place.

Margaret O’Brien is equally adept and accomplished in the design of hospitality, residential and corporate interiors for clients all around the world.


O'Brien and Associates Design, Inc.


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222 Washington Ave. #1
Santa Monica, CA 90403
United States


Margaret O'Brien
phone: 310-569-4753
Website: http://obriendesign.com pegobriendesign@gmail.com

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