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Tableau 9.0

Client: Tableau

The Tableau team has always been dedicated to designing products centered on the user and their experience. Working to unify their product experience for the highly anticipated Tableau 9.0, they partnered with Artefact to propel the platform further ahead.

The goal of our collaboration with Tableau was to unify the Tableau experience by crafting a modern, innovative and uniquely Tableau-branded user interface across platforms and devices. Through interviews with the Tableau teams, users and the community, we identified opportunity areas to improve the user journey and visual design.

We then worked through a five-step Visual Brand Language (VBL) framework for digital products to define the look and feel across the Tableau products in a way that is not only easily applicable for version 9.0, but can be extended to serve as the unifying foundation of future versions of the software.

The VBL framework helped define visual and interaction principles centered on creating a fresh, yet familiar interface. As a result, we collaborated to create Tableau’s new Visual Brand Language and a design pattern library. Together, they help to unify the Tableau experience so that it remains familiar no matter what device the user is on.

Based on the design principles defined by in the framework, we captured and redesigned the key hero moments or scenarios of the user journey, and translated these into seamless interactions and UI features. By finding and optimizing these key experience points, Tableau users can focus on what they come to Tableau for – exploring and discovering insights from their data.

Team Members

Olen Ronning, Craig Erickson, Rob Girling, Gavin Kelly


Data Data visualization Digital Information Visualization technology user experience User Interface

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