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Mutsy IGO

Client: Mutsy

Together with the Mutsy R&D team, Springtime recently developed the stroller collection for Mutsy, consisting of the EVO, EXO and IGO. All models are based on a shared visual identity, developed by Springtime.
Mutsy is a leading Dutch juvenile products brand that has been around for decades and is known for its bold, robust appearance of its products. In this newly created visual identity, we translated the original brand values to a contemporary, more refined image, with a carefully defined range of design cues. A strong foundation for Mutsy to build their new products on the years to come.

The EXO is a very compact (3-dimensionally) folding full-feature stroller; the IGO is Mutsy’s flagship model.
In the EXO and IGO, Springtime has introduced an interesting innovation for carrycots. The carrycots for both models are made out of EPP (the same material also bicycle helmets are made from). This allowed us to create a lightweight protective shell, that also allows for lots of definition in shape.


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