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My name is Joseph Gabry. Dedicated and curious, I'm a designer with a knack for storytelling and the skills to translate complex ideas into engaging results. As a creative leader, I have completed a variety of successful projects in Graphic, Product, and Experiential Design.

Working in the experiential space has strengthened my ability to not only think as a designer but to think conceptually and communicate creative strategies across a broad range of disciplines. I have collaborated with and led multi-disciplinary teams on a global scale to create thoughtful learning opportunities, rich interactions, and delightful experiences.

I've spent my career over-delivering for clients to provide branding and identity solutions, packaging, and designs for promotional materials. If you have any questions, comments, or critiques, please contact me. I hope we can meet soon to discuss how I can benefit your company as a designer.


  • Atwater Brewery
  • The Detroit Beer Co.
  • Hawaiian Tropic
  • Lockhart's BBQ
  • Moncur Associates
  • The Royal Oak Brewery
  • SMZ Advertising
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Lincoln Motor Company
  • Imagination
  • Team Wendy



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