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Fitbit Surge Packaging

Client: Fitbit

Premium packaging development & production doesn’t have to be expensive.

In addition to providing multiple materials and executing production for Fitbit’s high-end product package, Zenpack handled the package kitting service with more than six different materials, reducing costs and sending the product to market faster.

Silicon Valley wearable technology innovator Fitbit asked Zenpack to create and produce a premium package solution for Surge — their high-end product line. Zenpack was tasked with creating a sophisticated packaging design using a wide range of specialized materials including the paper box, acrylic cover, plastic tray, elastic hang loop, and additional accessories, all within budget.

Zenpack took a holistic approach to choosing the materials: Each element had to work in harmony with the others so that the final package was secure with a uniform, premium look. By setting up the production line, Zenpack helped Fitbit with kitting all of the packaging material together under one roof. That meant when the packages were delivered, Fitbit simply had to insert the product into the ready-made packaging. In the end, this method saved everyone time and money.

Given the diverse materials, the biggest challenge was creating a cohesive, high-end package. Zenpack produced a variety of samples for the client to review before determining the best option. During this process, both materials and structural strength were considered. The size of the package was important too, and the client needed to find a way to reduce kitting delivery costs as well.

After several rounds of evaluation and testing with the Fitbit team, Zenpack crafted a solution that not only passed the ITSA 3A test, but also merged more than six different materials in one attractive package format. The folded rigid box with a magnetic lock displays both the beautiful pattern and critical copy that the client needed to include. Inside the box, the acrylic cover elevates the display of the


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