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UAV’s have seen a recent boom in purchase from consumers. This is in part, due to the miniaturization of components that indirectly lowers cost for the consumer and advances in technology in this arena. This fast growing market rakes in huge amounts of revenue, peaking interest not only from the consumer markets but the private sector and government as well; each with their own unique focus. Within the consumer market alone, there is a huge spread across the demographic. Perhaps it’s just our innate need for the freedom of flight that we observe but can never achieve or maybe it’s just simply fun. Whatever the psychological reason maybe, this pattern of growth is not slowing, but gaining greater momentum as interest grows.

Since the explosion of the consumer UAV, the market needs has driven dozens of companies to focus on supporting this market. Sprouting companies from simple battery manufacturers to peripheral devices that enhance the experience.

Revus mouse was designed from a clean slate.
Identifying key issues while improving upon tried and tested techniques of the industry; we bring you a revolutionary mouse in design and function. The first notable difference from the standard model is the unusual look. The ominous black finishes with fine details, paints a mysterious yet beckoning presence. While it’s textured surfaces encourages interactions between finger-tips and mouse. While the unusual flat top clearly identifies itself from the rest of the competition.

One of the greatest needs first identified in this growing market, is the aging market. While most gaming mouse, are well designed for the specific age group, many do not address the aesthetic desires of the X & Y generation; which also happens to have the largest disposable cash. For this mature group of users, often themed designs and sci-fi inspired aesthetics, do little than draw a smirk. Revus’s sleek finishes contrasted with fine details and texture seeks to reconnect this generation as w

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Tim Tan, Lily Hu


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