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We elevate customer & brand experiences through impactful strategy, communication, services, and products.


Moi Studio will work with you to visually tell your stories, ideas, and experiences.
Storyboards are used for:

-Exploration of Process
-Demonstration of Before and After Design Changes
-A Highlight of Design Changes
-Concept Explanation
-Information For Use (IFU)
-Startup Pitch
-Internal Project Pitch
-User Study Surveys
-Voice of Customer Feedback


Moi Studio will work with you to improve the experience in your products and services.

Deep dive to:

-Find User Pain Points and Opportunity Spaces
-Develop an Experience Design Strategy Plan
-improve the Current Experience
-Create Captivating New Experiences
-Design Solutions for Holes Inside Current Experience


Moi Studio will work with you to develop a strategic plan or roadmap to enhance your company. This may mean different things to different people, but it all starts the same, with a desire to grow.

Reasons for Strategy Sessions:

-Definition of Target Audience
-Find Opportunity Spaces in Industry
-Need for Innovation
-Edge Over Competition
-it all starts with a goal and ends with an outcome


Moi Studio designers will work with you to ensure the visual aesthetics and functionality align with your market and users.

Moi Studio Industrial Design allows you to create:

-Easy to Understand “Brainstorm Notes”
-Deep Dive into User Interaction
-Functional and Aesthetically Compelling Design Ideation
-High Fidelity Sketches, Illustrations, and Rendering
-Aesthetic CAD and Realistic 3D Renderings
Easy Transition to Engineering Phases


Moi Studio will work with you to create engaging and captivating visualizations for advertisement, editorial, film, games, and films.

Used in:

-Digital Advertisement
-App Visualization
-Website Imagery
-Film and Video Game Concept Art
-Published Media: Magazines, Book Covers, etC.


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Moi Studio


  • Industrial Design
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Branding

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Every project is different. Contact us at if you want to discuss your project.

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