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Ovetto Bicycle Helmet

Client: Acro

The design for the new City Bike Helmet for Acro is unique in its innovative use of materials.
In the Ovetto design, the typical outer layer made of Polycarbonate (PC) is replaced, after numerous tests, by TMF Felt.
A material that tested provided as good as PC results under impacts, because of its intricate structure felt easily dissipate the forces on impact without actual damages.
But felt vs PC also guarantees the unique feature of being breathable by its nature and that allowed the development of a new iconic design solution, a mono volume without visible venting holes.

Elegant and simple in the design language and combinations of different precious materials Ovetto is also the first helmet with the visor integrated inside the shell to create a better profile while worn, to make it look smaller and more gentle on the face of the users.

The goal for the design was to create a new category of everyday casual helmets for urban cycling, safe and easy to wear a clean alternative to usually exasperated sport cycling helmets.


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