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bPhone U-10

Client: 21am Internal project

Being a parent is a real hard job: raising a child, watch over them in chaotic cities; stand by their side with no time on the watch; to make them understand the good and bad about technology surrounding them. So, we thought: why not making a product to support being a parent in the 21st century? From this question, 21am started in 2012 to have the idea of an object suitable for children, attractive as a toy but able to educate them to the conscious use of technology to communicate. A product also useful and effective in the most common situations of danger. That's the origin of the bPhone U10, launched on the Italian market in September 2014. The bPhone is a mobile phone designed and certified to be used by children from three years and to become their inseparable good friend. A simple tool that allows them to communicate with the family only. The bPhone is mainly a help for parents, who can feel safer because they can track the position of their children at any moment. The bPhone was such a new idea to enter the portfolio of the largest Italian telephone operator and create a new product category: children's phones. Ten days of autonomy, first phone certified for children, a location system based on LBS and GPS, configuration and position request only by authorized numbers via SMS. The bPhone has won many challenges, first of all that to convince the very demanding mothers bloggers.

bPhone U10 is the most complete demonstration of the ability of 21am and of its network: thanks to the partner company for development KangXun and to the distributor Datamatic, a totally unprecedented mobile product entered successfully a market peopled with giants.
21am supervised any stage of the product development, from the sketching of its soft and playful shapes to the choice of materials suitable for certification for safe use from 36 months, from the design of a simple interface without text to the development of solutions such as to make of it the phone with the lowest emi

Team Members

Adam James Cavallari, Andrea Alessandri


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