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Indigoextra Marketing is a creative multilingual marketing company offering a range of graphic design, web design, SEO and marketing services. Our specialties include:

• Designing multilingual websites and print material in English, French, Spanish and German.
• Infographic and quotagraphic design and publication.
• Board game and video game design.
• Book illustrations and cover design.

We believe that having an attractive website and incorporating beautiful visuals is an essential part of any marketing campaign as graphics communicate who and how professional your company is more quickly than words and hence create the first impression anyone receives when visiting your website or looking at your printed material.

In today’s competitive marketplace you need visuals that make you stand out from the crowd. Today’s customer is saturated with old-fashioned adverts and in order to draw attention to your brand, you need to market it in a new way. The best ways to attract attention are to create something funny or inspirational, or to create a truly rich infographic or document which combines beautiful visuals with useful information.

Indigoextra Marketing use this approach when working with our clients, as we’ve found that this then means that their visitors and clients spontaneously share their ‘marketing’ material, both online and by word of mouth.
We have completed marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients from small businesses to household names, as well as creating several board and video games and illustrating a range of books. Please visit our website for further details and to view our portfolio.


  • Best Link Building Company Germany Tops SEOS 2016
  • Best Link Building Company UK Tops SEOS 2016


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