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For over twenty years, our boutique firm has established itself as a premier entity in product design and innovation, collaborating with a diverse clientele that includes entrepreneurs, SMEs, and global brands. At FPD, our commitment is to forge cutting-edge products that combine distinctive design with practical market appeal, ensuring they resonate with consumers.

We are dedicated to crafting products that not only look appealing but also provide an intuitive and satisfying user experience. Achieving market success for our clients is at the core of our philosophy.

Design That Embodies Personality - It's Our Essence

Our approach to design is akin to the passion of an artist, craftsman, or sculptor. We strive to infuse every project with positivity and character, focusing on creating products that are impactful, possess a unique presence, and truly connect with users. Our strategy is rooted in understanding our clients' goals and maximizing the return on their investment with us. This commitment is a cornerstone of our ethos at FPD.

Our inspirations are as varied as the natural world—the epitome of design—science fiction films, and sculpture. Our mission is to leverage our expertise to make a meaningful difference, whether through life-saving medical devices or simply by designing products that delight users. We are here also if your looking to hire Prototype Designers


  • (For our Client )Product Innovation Finalist 2013
  • Consumer Product of the Year ( Won for our client ) Plastics Industry Awards 2013
  • Descovering Startups ( Won for our client ) Cambridge Wireless 2013
  • (for Client) Finalist British Inventors Project Design Council 2015


  • design business association
  • medilink
  • British marine association


  • Standard Chartered
  • Sapient Nitro
  • Liverpool Football Club
  • Oxford University
  • NHS
  • Habitat
  • Axiata Group
  • Ashbys
  • Yeo Valley
  • Airbus
  • vodaphone
  • Microsoft
  • siemens



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