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Skerpa Design - industrial design consulting firm - for an expertise in product creation and development that takes into consideration your entreprise constraints and consumer needs. Skerpa Design for appealing and fonctionnal products that will lead your company far above competition.

Nowadays, to compete against the other players in your market, just outsourcing your production around in Asia it’s not suffisant anymore.

Skerpa Design is specialized in innovative products research and development. Skerpa Design can manage the development process from the very first sketches to the final samples before the start of production. We are also able to find, for you, the appropriate suppliers and manufacturers. We can also travel for products development and production quality control.

We are aware of the importance to work in very close relationship with our clients and suppliers to help them during the samples development and production phases. We can facilitate your market penetration with the appropriate sales and marketing tools.


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