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IoT Hardware Development & IOS Mobile App

Our client realized there was so much inefficiency in how the technicians work in the HVAC service industry and wanted to create a solution. He realized the potential of having an IoT product which would consist of custom-made probes that would work with an app on a smart phone or tablet.

That’s when he created his own company to grow his family business.

This project is going to be revolutionary in the HVAC service industry, by not only combining functions of several existing instruments that exists today into one but have functions never seen in in HVAC service industry.

This extremely powerful app ties all this data collected from the probes and converts it into terms that the technician and customer is able to make an informed financial decision about whether it’s really worth updating their home with a new air conditioning unit or new insulation.

This product is able to calculate how efficient any type of unit is running and grade its performance as well. As well as help diagnose what could be wrong with any type of air conditioning unit. Saving the technician and the customer time and money. It can calculate the flow rate of the air flowing through the vents and determine if there is any leakage, which was a non-existent feature in the HVAC instrument world until now. As well as calculating how well insulated your house actually is in real time.

Lastly, is this product can convert this information to display how much money they are spending now and how much could be saved over a 15 year period of they updated their home. A pdf report is generated which captures the information in a beautiful report format.

For each probe there is a version of the report with lots of technical information that can be sent to the service office and a simpler version can be sent to the customer for their records.

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