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I'm Cheryl Janis and I help healthcare professionals design deeply nurturing wellness spaces that keep patients returning and referring.

How do I know your referral business can double or triple within the first six months after I help you redesign your wellness space?

Easy. The evidence tells me so.

Over the past 15 years of doing this work, my case studies have shown me the following results when medical-and wellness-based businesses invest in their healing spaces:

=> Up to 85% increase in patient/client retention rates within the first year of the completion of the redesign
=> An average increase in referrals of 40%, and in many cases, up to 95% within 3 to 6 months of the installation of the new design

Along with a continuous flow of new referral business, I have witnessed the following benefits of investing in the redesign of your wellness space:

=> Businesses turned around from marginal to highly profitable
=> Increased patient volume supported hiring additional staff
=> Clients report attracting patients that are a better fit for the practice or business
=> Majority of clients report positive financial impacts within the first year of redesign
=> Excellent ROI on investment in the new design

Through my podcast, books, courses and workshops, I teach you an easy, holistic and evidence-based approach to design—one that evaluates the patient/client experience from the moment they walk through your door until the time they leave, and every step in between.

And if you are a super busy healthcare or wellness professional and don’t have time to DIY the design on your own, you can hire me to do it for you, regardless of where you live on planet Earth.

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