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Ochoa y Díaz-Llanos was created in 2002 with the aim of becoming much more than just another design studio. The goal was to create functional, practical, yet aesthetically pleasing products.
The firm soon positioned itself as a benchmark in the vanguard of successful industrial, strategic and product design supported by the fundamental pillars of quality, rigor, commitment and innovation.
Coupled with personalized project oversight, the firm’s methodology has earned it high standing in the market for its focus on innovative production processes to arouse client interest and its philosophy that simplicity and utility need not clash with a quality finish, aesthetic perfection and environmental awareness.
Ochoa y Díaz-Llanos has spent the last decade creating articles that are at once extraordinarily useful, attractive, practical, exclusive and unique. In each project the firm seeks the ideal object for the customer’s needs.
Combined in this way, industrial design and art materialize in the form of office furniture, shelving, counters, ,waste paper baskets, high fidelity loudspeakers and amplifiers and much more… Any kind of product for any kind of design from the talented hands of Ochoa y Díaz-Llanos. There is no limit beyond the bounds of imagination.
On the strength of this approach, the creations of Ochoa y Díaz-Llanos have been shortlisted for various domestic and international awards and prizes and have been presented at trade fairs and conferences. They have also attracted the attention of specialist periodicals and journals, which have published extensive reports on a number of the firm’s designs.



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