About Us

Mindhatch is a consulting and training firm that specializes in helping companies and organizations get better results with creativity. We believe insights drive results and the best insights come from people — your team and your customers. Through Design Thinking, Organizational Improv, and Innovation Facilitation, we help you solve complex business problems, boost customer value, and improve team performance. Our customized experiences develop team skillsets and spur collective creativity, innovation, and actionable results.

What We Do
// We help you solve complex business problems and design products, services, and experiences your customers love using our Design Thinking expertise.
// We help your staff stay engaged and do their work better through our Organizational Improv training programs.
// We help you come to strategic decisions and embrace organizational change and innovation using our Innovation Facilitation methodologies.

Who We Are
// We believe that all work is human-centered and that people are your business, which is why we help organizations put the human experience at the center of their thinking.
// We inspire, play, experiment, and take a “yes and” approach to everything we do. At our core we are born testers of assumptions, lovers of the counterintuitive, and embracers of change.
// We are one of the rare firms that is equal parts business and creativity, strategically balancing real-world requirements with “what if” possibilities.

We design “Insightful Experiences” to get our clients “Inspired Results”

Our clients have included: international law firms, “Big 4” consulting companies, strategic communications firms, retail banks, multinational law firms, restaurant groups, international development organizations, and innovation consultancies.

We have been quoted in US News & World Report and featured on CEO Blog Nation and PeopleG2’s TalentTalk Radio show among other media outlets.




  • Strategic Consulting
  • Design Management
  • Research

Typical Project Budget

$10,000 - $25,000


735 Boylston Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
United States


Coonoor Behal
phone: 3123153379
Website: www.mindhatchllc.com coonoor@mindhatchllc.com

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