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3-sided High Impact Taxi-Top Display

Client: VeriFone

New Taxi-Top Advertising Display Winning Over Las Vegas
Las Vegas now has a taxi-top advertising display in sync with it’s newest architecture and fashion. 3-sided Taxi-Top displays are as clean and modern as anything sold in the luxury shops they pass on ‘The Boulevard.’ These slick, illuminated advertising units are a worthy platform to advertise Las Vegas’ best goods and services. BlueMap Design achieved this by triangulating it’s award winning “High Impact Taxi-Top Display design to achieve a trifecta winning solution.
3-Sided Taxi-Top Winning All Angles
VeriFone’s 3-sided units are 30% larger in display area than previous models and offer sharper as well as larger graphics. Image quality is vastly improved – the result of latest LED lighting, transparency panel design and printing technologies to facilitate ‘best practice’ graphics that all advertisers desire. The resulting image precision is ideal for advertising shows, nightlife, tourist destinations and all sorts of Vegas wares. Providing left, right and rear viewing these 3-sided displays don’t lose in message conveyance. They cover all viewing angles and also provide some new vectors for advertisers to utilize taxi-tops.
Winning Appearance Makes Taxis and Advertising Look Better Too!
Appearing less bulky than previous units, VeriFone’s new taxi-top was designed to fit various forms of all vehicles better than the ones they replace! They are easy to install and maintain, last longer and consume less electricity. This taxi-top display makes all the latest car designs look hip by sporting an attention getting and sophisticated 3-sided hat. VeriFone’s new taxi-top creates a dynamic and appropriate advertising platform for Las Vegas’ urban landscape.


Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award 2013


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