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Matt Sinclair Design is a young product design consultancy based in Helsinki, Finland. It specialises in the design of consumer and professional products, primarily in the fields of electronics, computing and telecommunications. We have recently opened a UK studio to better serve a number of clients, and are looking to grow our UK customer base.

Matt Sinclair Design provides a comprehensive design service from initial concept through to the delivery of tooling data, including:

- market and consumer research
- future concepting and strategic thinking
- product concepting, development and detailing
- 2D and 3D renderings
- 3D CAD files (surfaces)
- 3D CAD files (tooling data)

We have extensive experience in design and production for low volume (thousands of units) through to high volume (tens of millions of units), and our portfolio includes clients from the luxury, consumer and professional sectors

Since being founded in 2003, matt sinclair DESIGN has established an impressive client list including:

Nordic ID
Ulysse Nardin


  • Benefon EADS Nokia Nordic ID Siemens Ulysse Nardin



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