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Trace Action Sports Tracker

Client: AlpineReplay

Trace is a small, durable and sophisticated piece of action sports technology. It combines the most advanced inertial sensors and GPS technology to give detailed information about users’ surfing, snowboarding, and skiing sessions. It has 9-axis sensors, advanced multi-Hz GPS, BT 4.0/2.1 combo and its own processor.

This allows Trace to measure max speed, vertical distance, distance traveled, calories, number of jumps, and airtime with incredible accuracy. Trace’s rechargeable battery lasts for an entire day and is charged through a custom watertight connector from a regular USB port. The device is shockproof and waterproof — suitable to use in salt water, snow and a high UV environment.

The peanut butter cup-sized data collection sensor is lightweight, so as not to hinder trick execution when attached to equipment. The device is designed for ultimate ease of use - users slide Trace into its mount, push the button, and go. After a session, it connects to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth and sends the data to Trace servers for processing. Within seconds all data is beautifully laid out on the phone, easy to read, shareable — and comparable to other Trace users’.


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