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About Us

EMANDU Communications was founded in 2005 by graphic designer Jens Schl├╝ter as an owner-managed agency for communication and design. Excellent advice, high cost efficiency, strategic know-how, creativity and much passion are the guarantor for the sustainable success of the agencies' clients.

A principle of the Agency is to avoid arbitrariness. There is already too much comparable work. As graphic designers we love the simple elegance while enjoying the high standards of the aesthetics of each individual product we design. That's how we started nearly ten years ago and that's how we work up to this day. Design is Crafts and design will always remain Crafts.

We are experts in brand and communication solutions and we are able to design most powerful touch points for perfect communication with your customers.

With a team of employees and freelancers we have enough capacity to realize even larger projects for you "just in time". With a consistently high quality and as individual as your business.

For sure - we are not the right choice for everyone.

We prefer the unusual. Our customers do so, too.



  • WRT Revision und Treuhand GmbH
  • cool tec GmbH
  • Franchise Portal
  • Hellmedia GmbH
  • Hagener Straßenbahn AG
  • cabrio Senden
  • EF LAW
  • Avibyte



Staff Size


EMANDU | Agency for communication and design


  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Exhibit Design

Typical Project Budget

less than $10,000

Location 1

Hoeher Weg 36
Luedenscheid, 58511


Jens Schlueter
phone: +49 2351 674156
fax: +49 3222 9305000
Website: www.emandu.com/en/ j.schlueter@emandu.com

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