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Leo 2 Pro

Client: Linka

Production Partners designed, engineered and manufactured the Linka Leo 2 Pro.

GPS theft-tracking LEO™ 2
Track your fleet with built-in GPS technology in 100+ countries. Collect vehicle telemetry and keep your lock charged at all times by providing power directly from your vehicle or from the LINKA solar panel.

Pinpoint your fleet’s location
With LEO 2 Pro’s built-in GPS, track your fleet almost anywhere. LEO 2 Pro’s upgraded 4G LTE connectivity including 3G/2G fallback1 across 200+ global networks enables remote connectivity to your fleet.
Global Tracking
Track and pinpoint your bike’s location with a 3m range of accuracy in 100+ countries.
Simple Data Plans
With built-in GPS capabilities, we offer simple data plans to scale with your business.

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