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Client: Welly First Aid

First aid had become a stagnant category filled with serious products that only spoke to those moments when things go wrong. Welly First Aid freshened up the aisle by introducing fun, playful preparedness with premium products in a desirable tin package. The first line of Welly First Aid products debuted prominently at Target Stores in April 2019 and judging by its reception there will be more to come from the Welly team…

Welly First Aid is a line of 25 premium products ranging from bandages to ointments to tools. The tin packages as well as the bandages themselves are beautifully decorated with color and pattern to stick out on the shelf as well as on your body. In addition to stacking and offering product navigation, the tins also contain thoughtfully organized product inserts making it easy to get that bandage out right when you need it most.

Welly was founded by Eric Ryan, the design-focused entrepreneur behind Method and Olly, and Doug Stukenborg, a former retail merchandising executive. They decided early on to partner with Prime Studio and branding agency Partners & Spade (with who we previously developed Harry’s). The three teams worked closely together to bring the vision for Welly to reality.

Here is what Eric Ryan had to say about his experience working with us:

"Prime Studio was the perfect ID partner for this project. They understood our vision immediately and executed it with the perfect blend of creativity and production pragmatism. ”

Team Members

Stuart Harvey Lee, Jochen Schaepers, Michael Bambino, Abby Jetmundsen, Partners and Spade (now Mythology)


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