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Miller Pediatric Dentistry

Client: Miller

Dr. Elizabeth Miller is a pediatric dentist based in North Carolina, serving the Rocky Mount, Tarboro, Wilson, Nashville, Spring Hope, Greenville and Roanoke Rapids areas. Beyond her training in general dentistry, Dr. Miller also has 3 years of training in child psychology, pediatric nutrition, growth and development in children, pediatric medicine, and developmental orthodontics. Dr. Miller entrusted Trig with creating fun-filled brand experience for children of all ages at Miller’s pediatric dentistry.

Dr. Miller approached Trig for a brand refresh for her pediatric dental practice that would capture her vision for a fun-filled learning environment designed for children of all ages. She and her team are specially trained to work with young children and children with special needs and handle every interaction with each child with the utmost empathy and care. They believe this empathy creates a safe environment and encourages children to develop healthy dental hygiene habits that will last a lifetime. It was important that we crafted a brand that mirrored the Miller team and was friendly, approachable, promoted a sense of safety and security, and inspired boundless confidence.

The previous branding was inherited from a former partner and didn’t capture the Miller team’s ethos or their desire to create an inviting environment with a strong sense of playfulness and delightful discovery. We embarked on a journey to create a new brand that would encourage children to explore, learn, discover, and have fun.

We started the brand building process by performing a competitive brand analysis. This analysis provided us the context we needed to position Dr. Miller’s brand and secure a competitive edge. After scouting out dozens of local pediatric dental practices and mapping out their levels of brand sophistication, 4 brands stood out and rose to the top. We dove deep into each of these 4 brands and mapped out the functional, visual, and tonal trends among them as wel

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