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Getting to market or staying competitive in extraordinary times can be a challenge.

Limelight excels when the business challenge requires innovation to break down the communication barriers and communications, no matter how you slice it, is assuredly required to make your market react.

With over 3 decades in business Limelight has the business savvy and the creative prowess to excite your market and shift your business into a new gear. We have a depth of experience found in agencies many times our size but have dedicated senior people that we place on your business to ensure your project takes priority.

We work sharply and smartly assessing what the business needs are… growth, stability, repositioning, internal communications and motivation or a reach into new markets or deeper into the one's you already work in. Limelight looks past the obvious recommendations to determine if they will produce the results that you truly desire. Some of our clients have been on the brink only to return stronger than they ever were – often simplifying their process, product or service.

We hang our shingle on the door to state that we produce ads, or a website or an email campaign but reach further down to ensure that your business is at the ready to answer inquiry and manage your customer expectations. We do this with insight and help you – our clients rediscover their vision.

These are all great words but don't take our word for it, review our work or ask to speak to our clients. Let Limelight become part of your business.


  • Design@Work Awards RGD Ontario 2010
  • Design@Work Awards RGD Ontario 2007
  • Design@Work Awards RGD Ontario 2002
  • Design@Work Awards RGD Ontario 2003
  • Design@Work Awards RGD Ontario 2005
  • Design@Work Awards RGD Ontario 2006
  • Reggie Awards Design Edge Canada 2011
  • Reggie Awards Design Edge Canada 2010


  • RGD Ontario
  • The Designers Accord
  • Design Can Change
DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord



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Limelight Advertising & Design


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  • Packaging

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You are ultimately looking to place your company or product in the Limelight. We look for the soft underbelly of your market and engage it. It is our job to engage your audience and enhance your brand

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32 John St
Port Hope, ON L1A 2Z2


Peter Gabany
phone: 905-885-9895

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