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Cerevast Neurosonx™ SR

Client: Cerevast

New to the medical technology industry in 2015, Cerevast develops groundbreaking medical products to treat neurologic disorders. To help with stroke recovery, Cerevast developed the Neurosonx™ SR, a transcranial ultrasound device used to reduce long-term disability symptoms and enable patients to improve following a stroke. Neurosonx™ SR delivers ultrasound through the cranium to interact with the neurons of the motor cortex region of the brain to induce a neuromodulatory effect. The breakthrough technology of Neurosonx™ SR will provide more accurate and improved results for stroke patients.

To offer a more competitive product and better assist the primary users—doctors—Cerevast called on Tactile to help deliver an intuitive, modern user interface for Neurosonx™ SR.


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