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Design Consortium is the brainchild of Chevis Watkinson, created from a vision of a new business model for a Design firm that benefits everyone involved.

The consortium is a team of talented designers from different disciplines (Industrial Design, Engineering, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Digital Sculptural), with a key thing in common--a glimmer in the eye that shows a love for design at any level.

Design Consortium utilizes technology to create a virtual environment for team members--a place for individuals and groups to collaborate on projects without the physical structure and overhead commonly found with design firms. All of our designers work on a contractual basis and are hand-picked for projects based on skills, experience, and expertise. This allows Design Consortium to maintain low overhead and provide our Clients with exceptional talent at an affordable rate.


  • Fisher-Price Kohl's RRS Unverferth SC Johnson Wisconsin Engraving



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