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Brand Extension: Licensed Product Capsule Collections

Client: Smithsonian

The Smithsonian connects us to our planet and reflects the art, science, achievements, diverse cultures, and the natural wonders of our world that shape us as human beings. Comprised of Museums, Galleries, Zoos, Research Centers and Libraries, the Smithsonian is home to the stories, collections, objects and artifacts that shape our society—past, present and future.

Development of capsule collections for Smithsonian home and fashion licensing programs include brand positioning for licensed products, identifying trends and white space in the market, research and selection of pieces from their vast collections and development of artwork inspired from the archives.

Fashion Capsule Collection
Inspired by the art, design and unique stories in Smithsonian collections, Smithsonian fashion brings the ideas, passions and obsessions that reflect our culture to apparel and accessories that allow people to curate and express individual style.
• Capsule shown: Beautiful Bugs & Butterflies
• Capsule shown: Extra Celestial: Deep Space

Home Capsule Collection
Smithsonian Home makes the world’s most fascinating collections accessible to all with artfully curated capsule collections inspired by the treasured objects and narratives that shape our society.
• Capsule shown: Florals and Flight: Birds of Beauty
• Capsule shown: Natural Elements: Gems & Minerals


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