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Passion for Function

daniels + erdwiens is an industrial design firm seated in the heart of Germany – near Frankfurt/M International Airport.
The range of work includes all categories of consumer– and industrial products for global player companies like BOSCH und SIEMENS Hausgeräte, BMW, MAQUET GETINGE Group, SAGEM Consumer Electronics, PALL Corporation, Pharmaprov Brasil et.al.

The basic claim is joining sophisticated aesthetical charisma with optimal user interaction and intelligent manufacturing methods, offering a crucial advantage in terms of competitiveness.
Main goals are: combining simplicity with sophistication, the daily joy of the product's presence and usage, creating enduring brand commitment.

Being the design consultancy to a number of market leaders in a wide diversity of working fields, daniels + erdwiens has years of experience in intelligent and costsaving manufacturing methods, particulary in plastic moulding. Analysing and optimizing user interaction, suitable and innovative usage of materials and a good sense for future trends are also major parts of the expertise.

The spectrum of services reaches from preliminary sketches with a wide range of design ideas through to the full design development with either construction supervision or complete development in cooperation with our experienced partners.

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