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Prod is a Multi-Disciplinary Design Consultancy based in London providing Graphic Design, User Interface Design, Product Design and Prototyping Services.

We love applying our creative skills to solve your problems and achieve your goals. From 3d Printing to Logos, from smartphone Apps to Websites, we deliver all the design requirements of your project under one roof, offering great value and a friendly and personal approach. We work with you to create effective, elegant, innovative design.

Product Design -
Whether the solution is a product, service, system or an app our user centred design approach focuses on exceeding your user’s needs and wants whilst achieving all your business goals. We use the latest CAD design to produce 3d models of your designs for testing and prototyping purposes with our 3d printers. We can also produce accompanying animations, videos and packaging depending on your individual requirements.

Graphic Design -
We create intelligent and effective design solutions to communicate your desired message and identity across print and digital media. Simplicity and clarity are sometimes the hardest elements to maintain, but we find they are the most effective. We work with you to produce a brand identity that can be applied across all your promotional material, website, products and services.

Prototyping and Production -
We use the latest rapid prototyping equipment to prototype and manufacture your designs for testing and display purposes. In-house production speeds a project up and reduces cost, as well as making it easier for you as you deal with us directly throughout the process. Our rapid prototyping and 3d printing capabilities allows us to manufacture highly customised/personalised pieces from one offs to small batches, perfect for corporate gifts, signage, exhibition stands and displays.


  • Oprillo
  • Gradfinale Yearbooks
  • Anglo Brazilian Society
  • Presence Orb
  • Stickyworld
  • Sarah Angold Studio
  • WhiteMenu
  • British Urban Film Festival (BUFF)



Prod Designs


  • Industrial Design
  • Design Management
  • Graphic Design

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Level 10, 6 Mitre Passage
London, SE10 0ER
United Kingdom


Joe Berg
phone: +442082264977

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