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Bamboostudio was born in 2003 on the initiative of designer Marco Balduzzi and of architects Roberto Zanoletti and Stefano Pigazzani.
The mission is to propose new technologies, new architecture and new environmental sensibility. The project expects to reach its practical purposes by the intellect and the calculation but it must be also the product of the wish and the human passion (Walter Gropius-Design topics).
Architectural projects for private and public buildings are put beside to the global communication and coordinate images tasks since the beginning. For this reason, new communication formats are necessary.
Balduzzi, Zanoletti and Pigazzani met Leone Belotti, owner of CalepioPress Publications and already copy and ghost writer for big architects, big firms and big brands (Baleri, Boggi, KmRosso). They create together new communication strategies regenerating obsolete languages (cartoons, picture stories, postcards, little images, short films and short books) with new data processing technologies and new marketing strategies.
Graphic designer, Roberta Savoldelli and designer Jinmin Wu, emerging talents in graphic design between Milan and Far East, Nicola Pagani and Davide Viganò, born in the web biting uncle Jobbs’ apple and chewing data processing Technology, became part of the team.
Virgilio Fidanza is a professional photographer and he teaches photography, both with classical and black and white technique.
Gianni Canali creates images and videos using new technologies and post-production opportunities.
Marketing consultant, Fabio Martini and commercial expert, Nicola Belli, have chosen Bamboo team because they have recognized the mark of a reliable innovation which is able to meet new market demands with success.


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  • Graphic Design

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bamboo architecture+design
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