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50W Street Lamp

Client: Juganu

Juganu came to FIT in need to develop a street and road light fixture intended for use in an outdoor harsh environment.
The fixture had to be highly aerodynamic in order to withstand high winds. As always, maintenance and assembly must be extremely simple in order to be cost effective.

The Juganu street lights are designed with low drag factor, offering ultra low resistance to high winds, which enhances pedestrian and driver safety and decrease maintenance costs.

The JLED Street and road lights run cool, under 45C°, which further extends product life due to the mechanical concept that spreads heat from the heat sink and through the entire lower part of the body, all made out of aluminum.

We chose to spice the shape of the product with automotive features in order to co-exist with its environment while still looking innovative. Using the right shape and materials, the product is able to operate for years without any need for maintenance.


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